Formina Fights Alongside Cats in SaGa Emerald Beyond Gameplay


SaGa Franchise Localization Director Neil Broadley appeared in a new SaGa Emerald Beyond gameplay video, and it focuses on Formina and shows her fighting alongside cats. It also offers a hint at what the Bonnie and Formina storyline will look like in general.

This gameplay segment begins in the SaGa Emerald Beyond Junction area before heading to a new world alongside Bonnie. The two are investigating a plot against their world’s president. After reaching a new area, the scan directs them to the Soul Temple Ruins. Upon entering, they encounter Priests of Gale, Forest, Flame, and Wave NPCs. They believe Formina and Bonnie are Soul Voyagers and vow to not interact. This then means the two can access the four temples connected to those elements. From there, we see the Priest of Gale asking for help, and Formina has the option to agree to help.

It’s at the 14 minute mark that, when helping with the Gale Temple quest that we see the cats. Three cats fight alongside the two officers. Broadley noted cats are classified as a monster class when the units join battle. In terms of their attacks, the felines had abilities like Cat Scratch, Counterkick, Nudge, and Rush available.

SaGa Emerald Beyond will come out for the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on April 25, 2024.

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