Aksys Otome Game Radiant Tale: Fanfare Release Date Set


Following its first appearance at the February 2024 All Aksys showcase, the company revealed the release date for the otome game fan disk Radiant Tale: Fanfare. It will launch on June 27, 2024, and there will be a special edition that includes the soundtrack.

As a fandisk, Radiant Tale: Fanfare will include both continuations of the main routes with original love interests, as well as side stories and an original tale. So for the epilogue section, people can continue their relationships with Ion, Radie, Paschalia, Vilio, and Zafora. The other segments fall into the Interlude and If sections, with the former being other stories from the original game that offer more insight into characters and the latter following Tifalia in a new role. 

When it comes to physical copies, Aksys is offering both a bonus with standard and exclusive editions. People will get a set of character cards with either the $49.99 or $59.99 copy if they pre-order it. These feature the original bachelors and Tifalia, as well as other characters. As for the company’s exclusive edition, the extra $10 cost nets you a soundtrack

Here are the teaser images for the character cards and soundtrack CD Aksys shared with us.

We’ll see another otome game from Aksys before the Radiant Tale fan disk debut. Tengoku Struggle: Straysidewill launch on April 4, 2024.

The Radiant Tale: Fanfare release date is June 27, 2024, and Switch owners will be able to pick up a digital or physical copy.

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